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The Future of Humanity: Peter Zeihan’s Insights on China, Food Supply Chains, Energy, and Ukraine

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Geopolitical strategist and author Peter Zeihan acknowledges how the warmer weather has blessed us this winter season, easing pressure from what could have been a disastrous energy crisis.

But, he still observes how the global systems surrounding energy and food are extremely fragile. He joins Real Vision’s Maggie Lake for an update on the war in Ukraine one year later, China, and more. Recorded on March 7, 2023

1 What’s Your Current Assessment of China and the Ukraine War? 09:10
2 Has Europe Averted or Only Delayed Their Energy Problem? 09:23
3 How Fragile Is the Global Food Supply Chain? 0:16:21
4 Semiconductors and Deglobalization 0:24:09
5 The Ambiguous Path Forward for China 0:31:29
6 The Rise of Authoritarianism and the Ukraine War 0:42:19
7 The Economic Impact of Reshoring 0:47:26
8 What Are the Most Underappreciated Geopolitical Risks Right Now? 0:51:41
9 The Takeaways 0:56:49

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